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Analogue Duo Cartridge Slot Extender - All versions in stock!

Analogue Duo Cartridge Slot Extender - All versions in stock!

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Are you ready to bring your New Analogue Duo to the next level? This new adapter allows you to extend your cartridge slot outside the original cartridge slot of the Analogue Duo allowing you to preserve your original cartridge slot and allow you to easily play homebrew games and use any other device such as the Turbo Everdrive without having to disassemble it.

Examples are shown in the pictures, Everdrive is NOT included in the sale.

We offer three versions of the extender. Here are the differences to help you choose the best one for your needs:

Normal - Silver

This is a great extender that can be used daily but is not intended to be left in the cartridge slot of the duo all the time. This extender is meant to be used with the Everdive PRO and Hucards. It also supports all reproduction Hucards.

Normal - Gold

This is the same as the Normal Silver extender but made with Gold contacts and is intended to be left in your console.. You simply plug it in and never take it out!

Cartridge Detect (Ground Pin 1) - Silver

This version of the extender is meant for use with un modified knock off regular Turbo Everdrives. It is not intended to be left in your console full time and fixes the card detect issue with existing knock off Everdrives or any other game card you might have that will not be detected by the Analogue Duo!

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