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Guinea Pig Games

Original HUCARD Repair Service

Original HUCARD Repair Service

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The TG16 / PCE Necromancer is here!! Bring back those dead Turbografx16 and PC Engine games back to life with our PCB and chip replacement service. Each game will be gently serviced and taken care of while its being triaged back to life. The original PCB board will be removed and replaced with one of our reproduction boards and the original game will be reprogrammed to the chip.

Please send your game along with order number to:

Guinea Pig Games, LLC

3812 Wren Ln
Orlando, FL 32803

Orders will be handled on first come first served.. and will be mailed back based on your shipping choice. Multiple game discounts apply based on pricing.


The pictures represent tn original Blazing Lazers game on the left <<< and one of our replacements on the right >>>. They are as close to the original as we could manage!

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